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Shared ‘C’ Services

Integrated ‘C’ Skills, scaled to meet your needs


Every business, whether large or small, needs a CTO/CDO, CISO, and CFO, apart from their core competency leaders. Large businesses often maintain full-time ‘C’ professionals. However, small and medium firms may not always have the resources to retain these career-driven professionals, who expect top dollar for their elite services. Smaller firms often employ an accountant or general manager to take care of ‘C’ responsibilities, or the owners may try to handle them personally. This inevitably drains valuable time that the owner could have otherwise spent developing the business, and results in less-than-optimal decision-making. Adopting a do-it-yourself attitude towards ‘C’ responsibilities can lead to severe regulatory and non-compliance issues, not to mention inefficiencies that will invariably curtail business growth.


  • E-Commerce and transactional expertise
  • Online marketing and social media strategizing
  • Advisory on transformative products for the business
  • Strategies that keep pace with changing technology
  • Providing leadership and driving change across the business
  • Highly skilled in information security, technology, and business processes
  • Deep insight into information security compliance and regulations
  • Proven leadership in protecting information assets
  • Provide leadership in managing your business's finances, compliances, corporate governance, and addressing strategic requirements


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