Ciber Digita Consultants

IT Transformation Consulting

Through the looking glass to your transformed future state


  • Governance documentation on technology support for medium-term business strategies
  • Facilitating investment discussions
  • Improving people and project planning
  • Identifying specific client requirements and delivery options
  • Benefits the business principals, functional, technology leaders, & staff
  • Blueprinting resource operation and organization towards achieving strategic goals
  • Organizational assessment and alignment
  • Setting up accountability and governance structures
  • Performance management
  • Risk mitigation
  • Effective and efficient use of IT towards achieving business goals
  • IT demand governance: effective evaluation, selection, prioritization, and funding. Implementation and measurable business KPIs
  • IT supply-side governance: ensuring operational efficiency and compliance
  • Enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation based on an IT architecture framework
  • Policies, principles, services, standards and guidelines on product, server, network, client, and future services
  • Enterprise IT architectures, reference architectures, solution architectures, and security architectures
  • Identifying opportunities to better align the IT organization
  • Prioritizing IT initiatives for increased productivity and ROI
  • Establishing the baseline for IT's effectiveness in meeting business needs
  • Fostering collaboration to eliminate IT silos
  • Evaluating cultural acceptance of IT Transformation solutons
  • Reducing operational costs by shifting IT support and operations offshore
  • Utilizing automation, AI, and analytics to handle repetitive process loops, make autonomous decisions, and optimize delivery



Operations Office - Global
Gayathri, Technopark Phase-1
Kazhakootam, Trivandrum-695581
+91 471 2700232

Registered office
TC 15/43-3, Hilltop Manor
Diamond Hill
Trivandrum- 695010