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Identity and Access Management

Make sure that the right people have access to the right information


CDC’s Identity and Access Management services adopt a holistic approach, enabling organizations to implement the IAM controls that best fit their business strategy, and comply with legal, regulatory, and information security requirements.

IAM: CDC solutions

Identity and Access Management is key to protecting your organization’s data, systems, and applications from unauthorized access. CDC offers comprehensive Identity and Access Management services including strategy and design, control integration, and assessment and sustenance.

Optimize productivity and reduce costs through automated user life cycle management

Administer, secure, and monitor user access privileges and activities for enterprise and online environments

Deploy advanced capabilities such as biometrics, identity of things, and robotics to accelerate the realization of business value

  • Robust identity management requires technology integration and coordination with the IT and business processes surrounding user information, access rights, and related policy management
  • With the wide-ranging IAM experience to help extend your business services securely, CDC can enhance your efficiency and effectiveness, while allowing for better governance and accountability


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