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Digital Forensics

Let the data speak: corroborative evidence to link cybercrimes to their perpetrators


CDC's Digital Forensics team adopts an integrated approach towards collecting and presenting forensic evidence. CDC's expert witnesses and incidence response professional have wide sector and domain-specific expertise, enabling us to quickly zero-in on pertinent evidence artefacts. Our Digital Forensics methodology complies with legal rules of evidence, ensuring that collected data will be accepted in a court of law.

Digital Forensics: integrated approach

CDC digital forensic team takes an integrated and collaborative approach in collecting and presenting evidence. The diverse sector and domain expertise of CDCs expert witnesses and incident response professionals enable us to quickly zero in on pertinent evidence artefacts.

We follow enterprise-level forensic policies to acquire and examine evidence

We record and maintain chain of custody at every point in the investigation

Professional and expert witness reports can carry your case in a court of law




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